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2019-2020 Board of Directors

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Grant Feddema
Petronas Energy
Canada Ltd.

Phone: 403-510-1113

Grant was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. He attended and graduated from Dickinson State University in Dickinson, North Dakota with a B.Sc. in Business Administration and minor in Management. He has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 12 years in a variety of roles including field operations and Joint Ventures at companies such as Apache Canada Ltd, Devon Canada Corporation, Ridgeback Resources.

Grant is an active member in the Petroleum Joint Venture Association and has taken the PJVA Mount Royal Joint Venture Analyst Certificate program courses. In addition he has been on the PJVA Education Committee for 3 years most recently in the capacity of Analyst I Program Coordinator. Grant joined the PJVA Board of Directors in the fall of 2013 serving as Director of Marketing. This past year Grant was the Director of the Task Force portfolio and will be taking on the role of Treasurer for the 2018 — 2019 PJVA fiscal year.

Vice President

Helen O'Brien
Husky Oil Operations Limited

Phone: 403-750-1598

Helen began her career in the world of oil & gas in the accounting group (consisting of a total of two people) with a small service company. From there she moved on to several other employers, including Czar Resources, where she began her life in Joint Ventures , moving on to Ranger Oil, Barrington Petroleum, ARC Resources, Devon Energy, Apache, Lightstream and finally, Husky Oil, where she has recently celebrated five years of service in the Joint Ventures group as Manager of the SE and Heavy Oil teams. She has been fortunate enough throughout her career to have worked with, and hopefully learned something from, some wonderful mentors and colleagues in the JV world, whom she has great respect and appreciation for. Helen has volunteered on a number of PJVA task forces in the past, including the Gas Processing and Gas Transportation Agreements Task Force, and the Joint Venture Administration Procedures Task Force, among others. Helen’s involvement in and with PJVA over the years has been a fantastic learning experience and a huge benefit to her development as a Joint Venture practitioner.


Kody Carroll
Integrity Audit & Accounting Ltd.

Phone: 403-813-8837

As President of Integrity Audit and Accounting Ltd., Kody has been specializing in joint venture accounting and joint venture audit for both upstream and midstream oil and gas companies for over 20 years. He has performed and managed a number of audits at a multitude of companies across the industry. In addition, he has been involved in training on PASC model agreements, equalizations, joint venture accounting, and joint venture audit.

Kody has a MBA from the University of Calgary specializing in Global Energy Management and Sustainability, and is an accredited (CFE) Certified Fraud Examiner with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Past President

Richelle Lindsay
Crescent Point Energy Corp.

Phone: 403-767-6944

Richelle Lindsay started in the oil and gas industry in 2005 at Shiningbank Energy. Over the last 14 years she has worked at several companies. For the last 9 years, Richelle has progressed her career at Crescent Point Energy Corp. from JV contracts administrator, moving to JV Analyst, to Team Lead of JV Administration, and is currently a Joint Venture Representative. Richelle completed her Geology Technician Certificate at SAIT in 2006 and the JV Administrator and JV Analyst Certificates in 2008 at Mount Royal University.

Passionate about petroleum Joint Ventures, Richelle has volunteered for the PJVA for 9 years, working on the Task Force Committee and on the PJVA Board as Director of Early Morning Sessions, Luncheons, 2 years as Vice President, President and is now in her final year as Past-President. Richelle is passionate about education; instructing the JV Administration course as part of the PJVA certificate program and speaking at special events, highlighting the value and importance of the Joint Venture discipline.


John Wang
COOEC Canada Company Ltd.

Phone: 403-880-5686

John Wang has 15+ years of experience in the oil & gas industry as a production research engineer/lab technologist in CNPC, Core Lab Canada, Alberta Research Council, and Weatherford Canada. He worked on projects including Enhanced Oil Recovery lab test & field pilots, Heavy Oil steam process in China and Sand control, and Oil Sands SAGD lab simulation.

John Wang started a marketing and business development role in 2014 as the CEO of a small engineering firm on conventional oil asset investment evaluation & consulting. From there, he moved on to WISON Offshore & Marine Canada and COOEC Canada Company Ltd. (CNOOC holding company) as a Key Account and Marketing Director on EPC services projects of SAGD module fabrication, LNG land liquefaction and floating storage solution for Canadian companies.

Besides PJVA, John is also a member of CHOA, SCMA, PTAC. He got the Certificates of PJVA Analyst & Administration in 2009, and he holds an International MBA from Guanghua Management School of Beijing University and Fuqua School of Business Duke University. John Wang started his 2nd Master's degree in Aug 2019 on the Executive MBA at Haskayne School of Business University of Calgary.

JV Administration

Claire Turner
Crescent Point Energy Corp.

Claire began her career in the Joint Venture and Oil and Gas Industry in 2005 when she started working with Apache in the Midstream, Joint Venture, and Regulatory groups. In 2010 Claire left the industry to get her Bachelor of Education but came back as a Contractor at Compton Petroleum. In 2014 Claire joint Crescent Point as a Joint Venture Analyst. Claire was born and raised in Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Management. She completed the JV Administrator and Analyst Certificates in 2007 and 2008 at Mount Royal University. For the past four years, Claire has enjoyed volunteering for the PJVA Education Portfolio as the Exam Coordinator more recently with the Audit Committee for the Seminars.


Kevin Kalra
Steel Reef Infrastructure Corp.

Prior to joining Pembina in late 2017, Kevin worked for Veresen Inc. (for almost 6 years) as Project Accountant and later as Financial Analyst managing accounting and finance functions for several energy infrastructure and midstream assets. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Applied Business Administration with Major in Accounting from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Kevin has extensive experience in energy sector where he developed strong analytical, communication and decision-making skills.

Director-at-Large, Legal

Brittney Labranche
Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP

Phone: 403-260-0344

Brittney is an Associate in the Energy group at Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer LLP. She provides legal guidance to clients on an array of corporate matters including acquisitions, mergers and divestitures in the oil and gas sector, joint venture arrangements and other business structures, as well as negotiating commercial agreements for upstream and midstream oil and gas matters.

Task Forces


Education - Academic

Randy Tomilson
1065226 Alberta Ltd.

Phone: 403-970-2044


Maureen McCall


Maureen has over 13 years' experience in the Oil & Gas Industry from Operations to Land and Joint Ventures. She graduated from York University with a Bachelor's diploma and has worked with a variety of E&P companies in various roles to develop a broad base of experience in the Industry from Agreements to Accounting and is working on Joint Venture Analyst Certification. Maureen brings a passion for volunteering in the Industry with SPE and PASC as well as PJVA, serving on the PJVA Conference and Admin Portfolio Committees and is dedicated to initiatives that add value to PJVA.

Education - EMS

Douglas Klug

Phone: 403-605-3761

42 years oil and gas industry, in the areas of production/revenue accounting, joint venture accounting, joint venture auditing and as a joint venture representative.

I have worked for large companies, small companies, in both Canada and abroad.

Currently a self-employed consultant providing joint venture accounting, joint venture expenditure and production/revenue auditing, and joint venture representative services.

Social co-Director

Darrin Belak
Alpha-Beta Holdings Ltd.

Phone: 403-813-8508

Darrin was born in Quebec City, Quebec Canada. He has been an Albertan since 1975. He attended and graduated from University of Calgary with a B.Comm. accounting major while working part-time approximately 20 hours/week (including 4th year with Mobil Oil) during his attendance. He has worked in the oil and gas, mining and utility industries for 40 years in a variety of roles including financial and operational accounting, corporate taxes, business analyst, and joint venture representative with numerous clients. He is currently retired but like many in Calgary is waiting to return to serving existing and new clients once the Industry begins to allocate budget funds to address core issues that have no doubt been ignored during the last 4 years due to staff reductions.

His expertise that is most relevant to the PJVA Board includes13th month adjustments and CO&O and mail ballot interpretation, JP05 development, operational focus on energy streams for accuracy of measurement, allocation and by owner recognition (Gas facility allocation expert). Proficient in Joint Ventures to create and achieve innovative, practical solutions for some of the most complicated facilities and partner arrangements in our industry. The amendment and successful implementation of core agreements and implementation of complex mail ballots to correct or clarify agreements that can not be amended or replaced. Processing, transportation and compression fee audit expert. He has successfully represented his clients to resolve partner disputes that had escalated to a statement of claim level. Confident and innovative use of many of our industry's popular software tools to analyze data, test, design and create cost effective, comprehensive solutions for his clients.

He is excited to serve on this Board and give back to the industry he cares deeply about.

Membership/ Volunteers

Jaime Botero
Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc.

Phone: 403-237-1052

Jaime started his career in the oil and gas industry in 2004 at Chevron, where he worked in Downstream at their Credit and Receivables Management Department. Over the years, he has worked for various other Midstream and Upstream Oil and Gas companies, on various Accounting and Joint Ventures roles, being his most recent job at Repsol, where he currently works as a Joint Ventures Business Analyst.

Jaime holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Management, a Diploma in Corporate Finances with a minor in Management, and the CAPPA, CSC and PJVA Administration and Analyst Certificates.

Being Joint Ventures his passion for many years, he decided to join the PJVA Board of Directors in 2019, as co-Director of Membership and Volunteering.

Education - Seminars

Mark Pelzer
Joint Venture Strategic Advisors (JVSA)

Phone: 403-767-1536

JV Administration – in Training

Chelsea Stevens

Phone: 403-645-2190

Chelsea started her career in the oil and gas industry in 2011 as a Joint Venture Analyst at Lone Pine Resources. In 2013 she joined Ovintiv’s (formerly Encana) JV administration team and has worked in a variety roles and areas within the JV group. In her current role as Manager, Commercial Services Administration she oversees the day to day JV administration and contract analyst work as required by the business teams. In recent years, Ovintiv has been party to a number of commercial arrangements with various midstream companies which has given her exposure to a variety of different agreements beyond the standard JV agreements. Prior to working in oil and gas, she worked as a corporate law/securities legal assistant at Gowlings WLG. Born and raised in Calgary, Chelsea attended post-secondary at SAIT earning 2 diplomas in Business Administration (Management Major) and Legal Assistant. She also attended Mount Royal University and completed both the PJVA Administration and Analyst certificates. Chelsea is an active member with the PJVA and has volunteered with the PJVA Administration portfolio since 2017.



Association Manager

Connie Pruden
Phone: 403-244-4487 x201

Connie is a seasoned Association Manager with extensive hands-on experience in all facets of association management. With over 20 years at Associations Plus and its predecessor company, Connie has worked with clients in industries as diverse as oil and gas, retail, trades and agriculture.

Connie assists clients with a full complement of administration services, including membership drives, sponsorship campaigns and budgeting, but her true passion is event planning and working directly with the Board of Directors.